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Filling Their WELLS

WELLS is here to support you through whatever you're going and growing through. We've launched "Filling Their WELLS" to help WELLS Collective Members and our communities get connected with the resources they're looking for.

If you're looking to support others:

Meagan Stewart is a PhD candidate in human development and family sciences who is set to defend their dissertation this summer. They are looking for post-doctural opportunities and/or other job opportunities. Here's some more information on Meagan:

 I am an adult interpersonal relationship scholar with an emphasis on intimate partner violence (IPV). My program of research incorporates intersectionality, critical Black feminisms, and hegemonic masculinity frameworks to understand how Black men and other people of Color experience and navigate violence in their intimate relationships. More specifically, I examine the interactions between IPV and formal (e.g., medical) and legal (e.g., law enforcement) help-seeking, as well as informal support network (e.g., friends, family) disclosure to understand the unique barriers and stigmas experienced in communities of Color, but especially for Black men. 


I also have considerable experience with multidisciplinary collaborations. For example, I have worked with an interdisciplinary team of psychologists, family scientists, and communications scholars to provide critical theoretical and qualitative methodology expertise to a project considering the role of family relationships and COVID-19-related stress in shaping adults’ health and well-being. Additionally, I have been invited to share my expertise in critical race theory and intersectionality on a recent project exploring how police exposure was associated with adolescent health in a team of developmental scientists. 

Cherese Waight is a single mother who is starting over after leaving an abusive relationship. She is safe in new housing with her 3-year-old daughter, but is trying to get back on her feet financially. 

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