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Donations help The WELLS Healing Center to provide culturally mindful training in Black feminist approaches to healing, research, consultation, and organizing. They also help fund the provision of healing, research, consultation and organizing services to people  who seek our virtual programming out.

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Thank you for your donation!

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Interested in being a part of our team? There are many ways to be involved.

Please note that there are two pathways to becoming a "member" of the WELLS Collective:

(1) Volunteer with the center or (2) Complete our training program.

Black feminist practitioners who want to contribute to the education of our trainees, please complete this educator interest form.

 If you want to volunteer for Academics for Black Survival and Wellness or related projects, please complete this volunteer interest form and we will be in touch about the process.

Want to collaborate with The Wells Healing Center in another way?

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